Easter Launch - 2023

Childhood flavours, traceable cacao

Selling from 3rd March 

We love the giddy expectation of Easter. It's nostalgic, and comforting and how 'bout eating so much chocolate you're going to puke...Yeah, that last bit can stay firmly in the past. We're saying quality over quantity this year, and every year. 

About the egg

Our Peruvian cacao (from the Kemito Ene Association) has a fruity element even though it’s a 70% dark chocolate, the contrast of sweet and pillowy marshmallow is both joyful and textural. 

We've added honey to the 'egg white' marshmallow and a subtly tart passion fruit for 'egg yolk' marshmallow. It's like a dessert.


More things you might want to know

  • At 40g, the nutritional content label says 'serves two.' Your choice as whether you'd like to stop. 
  • The egg is a half shell, not a full egg. 
  • Not vegan, contains gelatin & honey.
  • Best Before of ~ end of April


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